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Coaching on the HR&S strategies

The Challenge

While, national and international development depends on the implementation of locally adapted solutions, and although local institutions and persons in lower-income countries present amazing solutions to their challenges, their ideas are often unrecognised and unsupported. Consequently, findings and ideas developed by researchers, innovators and entrepreneurs in lower income countries tend not to be implemented, and local social businesses with potential tend not to be started. As a result, the society lack access to products, services and employment opportunities that would otherwise strengthen the society and the well-being of its population. This situation also reduces the tax income to the government, which results in lack of advanced education structures, social security systems and resourceful local institutions. Moreover, international negotiations and international trade tend to be unbalanced and lower-income countries tend remain behind on the international competitive development arena.  HR&S is a social enterprise offering coaching, in an equal partnership manner, to stakeholders in Sub-Saharan Africa involved with implementing local scientific findings and innovation through social enterprising.

How our solution is uniquely addressing these challenges

Human Rights and Science (HR&S) claims that the efficiency of implementation of locally developed solutions is strengthened through international collaboration. Thsu we address the local situation from an international perspective. We argue for truth, trust, harmony, equity, resilience, mutual knowledge sharing, sustainable economy, institutional capacity and cross-cultural understanding. We have developed six unique practical strategies (TAct, ROPE, TRUST, CROSS, RISE & TestE) while targeting scientific research, innovations and social enterprising. These strategies have been tried out through Action10, a volunteer driven sister organisation and with ten years of experience by Action10, with operations in twelve Sub-Saharan African countries, and with evidence of outcome and impact, we can state that our model is successful. HR&S is a non-political, non-religious social enterprise that is innovative, efficient, and flexible enough to act fast on direct needs. We are collaborating directly with Sub-Saharan institutions and we honour equal partnership.


How HR&S is changing the world – the big picture and our vision

The aid budget is significant, still the number of extremely poor people (living on less than 2 USD per day) according to Worldbank.org continues to increase in Sub-Saharan Africa. International negotiations and trade tend to be unbalanced and lower-income countries tend remain behind on the international competitive development arena. Besides the pain of being poor, poverty itself causes conflict, corruption, crime, violence, rape and forced migration. It seems the traditional way of providing aid in Sub-Saharan Africa lack impact. HR&S is an important stakeholder in a shift of paradigm and offer the practical strategies to transfer from donor driven collaboration, to international collaboration between institutions with autonomy, honouring equal partnership.

How we measure social impact

HR&S has developed a strategy for providing scientific evidence of social impact, TestE (Testing the strength of Evidence). Our first results indicate that we have already reached 10,000 vulnerable people, through 20 programmes. Our target if vulnerable people in Sub-Saharan Africa there is no upper limit, in terms of number of people to be reached, the types of products and service that we offer, or the number of parallel programmes. Our portfolio already ranges from sanitary pads and solar panel, to business training and formal education. According to our Ten Action Principles (TAct) all initiative are designed and implemented on ground by a local entrepreneur, benefitting from locally developed or adapted solutions. They decide on the products and services to be offered, and the community responds by showing an interest to buy, or not buy. We do ensure the price level does not exclude the vulnerable.


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